Be innovative

Offer your customers our catering service totally customized to your establishment.

Selection of meals in delivery

Choose&eat is committed to testing and selecting the best restaurants in the vicinity of your hotel so that your guests can eat in the best possible way in their hotel room.

Secure payment

We have set up a totally secure payment, both on the kiosk and on the application in order to facilitate any transaction.

Guarantee of delivery time and quality

Choose&Eat is committed to delivering your customers within 45 minutes so that the dishes arrive with the best possible quality.

Translation in more than ten languages

Whatever the language spoken by your customers, they will be able to order via the terminal or the application.

Percentage of turnover

By establishing a partnership with Choose&Eat, you will receive a percentage of the turnover (including VAT) of each order.

Personalized page for your breakfast offer

We offer your hotel the possibility to promote your breakfast offer on our kiosks.

Personalization of the kiosk to your image

Each kiosk will be designed and personalised in the image of the hotel.

Contact us

For any question or request for collaboration, do not hesitate to contact us, an agent will answer you as soon as possible.